Following a Blog

WriteFreely supports a variety of open protocols to make it easy for people to follow your blog on the open web.


WriteFreely blogs publish RSS feeds, allowing people to follow your blog from an RSS content aggregator or reader.

Following a Blog via RSS

To access a WriteFreely blog's RSS feed, add “/feed/” to the end of the blog's URL.

You can also enter the normal blog URL into a feed reader, and most will automatically detect the RSS feed from the blog's metadata.

Following a Blog's Hashtag via RSS

If you want to filter a WriteFreely blog's content by hashtag, you can follow posts that only use those hashtags. All you need to do is add “/feed/” to the end a blog's hashtag URL.


WriteFreely supports federation via ActivityPub, allowing people to follow your blog from popular platforms like Mastodon (an alternative to Twitter). Learn more about how following works with ActivityPub in the Federation guide.