Simplified Publishing

WriteFreely is built around helping you focus on your writing.


Our lightweight editor is pared down to let you do just one thing: write. It doesn't throw notifications or statistics in your face. It doesn't want to tell you about what someone somewhere said. It aims to be as unobtrusive as possible, like writing on a plain piece of paper.

Preview of the WriteFreely editor

The simple writing experience on WriteFreely. Try it without signing up on

Formatting with Markdown

You don't have to leave the keyboard to add special formatting, like headers, bold or italic text, or links. Just use Markdown (or even HTML) to get the look you want.

Lightweight Blogs

You can create multiple blogs on multi-user instances, where each is light and easy to manage. This enables your users to organize their posts, write for different audiences, or just discuss different topics under distinct names.

A Pleasant Reading Experience

WriteFreely doesn't use popups, or beg your readers to sign up for our platform. It doesn't need likes, shares, or applause to be happy. It just wants to get out of the way as so your readers, too, get the clarity to focus on your words.

Screenshot of an example blog: How to use

An example of the WriteFreely reading experience on one site, How to Use

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