Support Us

We're a small, self-funded team building software we think needs to exist in the world. Help us continue building far into the future by supporting us.


We want to see more software that puts the user first. That means not annoying people with ads. It means being transparent about the choices an organization makes, and always remaining in touch with the people that use your software.

That's what we're doing.

We're building a tiny part of the internet that lets you express yourself freely; online spaces where you can enjoy the same privacy and freedom you do in the real world. And we're doing it without outside investment or selling you off to advertisers.

We're doing this on principle, rather than for exceptional profit, which is why we're independent today, and plan to stay that way.


We're working toward sustainability through that age-old idea of making things people want and then accepting money for those things.

We sell products like our desktop app, and provide services like,, and our managed WriteFreely hosting. We also take donations from people who really like our style, or get more value from our work than what we charge.

Where does it go?

Everything you buy from us (or donate) directly funds our work. That includes our technical overhead, keeping servers powered on and domain names registered.

Beyond that, your donation helps pay the humans making WriteFreely, answering your questions, and keeping things moving. It keeps us focused on building useful products and services, instead of worrying about money every day. And with enough funding, we can hire more people to help quickly build out our immense roadmap.

Any support you can offer means the world to us, and won't be forgotten. Thank you!