Using Docker for Development

If you'd like to use Docker as a base for working on a site's styles and such, you can run the following from a Bash shell.

Note: This process is intended only for working on site styling. If you'd like to run Write Freely in production as a Docker service, it'll require a little more work.

The script will present you with a few questions to set up your dev instance. You can hit enter for most of them, except for “Admin username” and “Admin password.” You'll probably have to wait a few seconds after running docker-compose up -d for the Docker services to come up before running the bash script.

docker-compose up -d

Now you should be able to navigate to http://localhost:8080 and start working!

When you're completely done working, you can run docker-compose down to destroy your virtual environment, including your database data. Otherwise, docker-compose stop will shut down your environment without destroying your data.

Using Docker for Production

WriteFreely doesn't yet provide an official Docker pathway to production. We're working on it, though!