Chorus Mode

This is an experimental feature.

Chorus Mode reconfigures the WriteFreely user interface to be optimized for the group, instead of the individual. It's perfect for writing groups and company instances, where the purpose is to share knowledge collectively, instead of on separate, distinct blogs.


This functionality is in a half-baked state, where it solves a certain need, but still needs to be fully fleshed-out. There are plenty of directions it could go in still, but we need more input and experimentation to figure out which one makes the most sense. Please share any feedback you have, if you use this feature!


Chorus Mode changes the navigation of the instance to stay grounded in the entire instance, rather than individual blogs. For example, blogs and blog posts maintain the site-wide navigation at the top of the page, instead of featuring a single blog's personal branding there.

It overrides the landing config setting and makes the Reader the default view for all users, so they'll always land there when first arriving on the instance, whether logged in or not.

Hashtags also filter posts collectively, showing posts from across the instance all using the same hashtag when clicked, instead of only showing posts from a single blog.



Chorus Mode is perfect for creating an internal knowledge-sharing space within your organization. For example, the team uses Chorus Mode on their internal WriteFreely instance, where team members share proposals, strategy, and general updates with the rest of the team.

Start with these [app] configuration options for your organization's WriteFreely instance:

Field Value
single_user false
chorus true
private true