Admin Commands

The following application flags allow administrators to perform certain actions on their instance, including installing, upgrading, or maintaining it.


These options can be used in conjunction with any other flags.

Flag Description
-c [filename] Config file to use with any other operation
--debug Output debug information in application logs


Use these flags to perform certain actions as part of the setup process.

Flag Description Interactive?
--config Start the configuration process Yes
--gen-keys Generate encryption keys No
--init-db Initialize the database by creating the necessary tables No

Setup options

--config --sections="..."

You can optionally choose which configuration sections to walk through during the configuration process with the --sections flag. Values are space-separated and must be one of the following:

Example usage:

writefreely --config --sections="app db server"


These flags assist with upgrading an instance.

Flag Description
--migrate Migrate database schema to the latest version

User administraction

Use these flags to perform actions around users.

Flag Description Interactive?
--create-admin [username]:[password] Create an admin user in the database. Fails if admin already exists. No
--create-user [username]:[password] Create a regular user in the database. Fails if no admin user exists yet. No
--reset-pass [username] Reset the given user's password Yes


Flag Description
-v Print WriteFreely version information